Yusa 2 Collective Agreement

Then, contact the employee by phone and make an appointment for an interview. Keep in mind that the union will be notified of all new YUSA appointments, but not all employees will take office on the date specified by the human resources department. Some potential members may not be present at the time of your notification. On the other hand, there will be a few who have been in office for a long time. Always try to contact the new person as soon as possible, and if they are not in place at the time of your call or visit, ask when they will be and try again later. Read the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) of YUPG 1. Introduce yourself and make it clear that you are a YUSA steward. No two interviews will be the same, but a few suggestions will follow: 7. If the employee agrees to join YUSA, make sure they fill out the application card accurately.

In particular, check the name (correct spelling on the top line) and signature (if applicable, the membership status is questionable). Some members may not be willing to provide home addresses and phone numbers. That is their right. 8. Declare that they will soon receive a package that includes the following: An eligible employee who decides not to join YUSA must sign a membership revocation form available at the union office within thirty days of their start date. It is the employee`s responsibility to ensure that this happens. The human resources department informs the employee at the time of hiring that the position is unionized. The Human Resources Department is also required, in accordance with Article 6.02, to issue a copy of our collective agreement at the time of ordering. 6. Ask if you received a copy of our collective agreement from the Human Resources department at the orientation event. Many new employees will not remember this.

View or describe your copy. If no copy has been received, the contract has been breached. Please notify the members` agent so that an agent can be sent. Depending on your situation, there may not be any specific benefits. Please call the union office if you have any questions about your services. 12. Return all signed application cards to the members` representative or the Union bureau as soon as possible. If an employee has decided not to sign, return the unsigned card with a corresponding report.

4. Explain the fees. As mentioned earlier, whether an employee becomes a member or not, union dues are deducted from their salary and passed on to YUSA each month. This is consistent with section 43 of Ontario`s Labour Relations Act. Tax-deductible union dues are currently calculated [1990] at 0.82% of monthly wages, so they vary according to the salary level of the position and increase each year as wages increase. Signing a membership card is voluntary, but allows them to fully participate in YUSA`s internal affairs. Membership of the union and membership of the collective bargaining unit are therefore different, but one of course stems from the other: if you fall under the agreement, you might as well participate in the body that negotiates and implements it! However, all York employees included in the YUSA Bargaining Unit, whether or not they have registered as members of the YUSA, have the right, under subsection 72(5) of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, to vote on treaty ratification or strike. Therefore, employees who revoke their membership or do not sign a YUSA application card will receive notification of each session in which such voting is to take place and will be admitted and will receive a ballot if they wish.

We also have a legal responsibility to represent these employees in the same way that we represent other employees: in disciplinary meetings, complaints and in other aspects of their relationship with the employer. Note that Article 4 of the collective agreement prohibits discrimination against non-members. A standard “welcome” letter from the member representative will be sent to the new employee a few days in advance for your opinion. The employee must therefore be ready for other contacts of the union. 11. Mention that lunch sessions are held every few months to give them the opportunity to meet with YUSA representatives and ask questions. All new employees and stewards receive invitations to these informal meetings. If you mention these meetings now, the new member will know that later he will have the opportunity to ask the questions that will be put to him in the first few weeks in York. New employees must be registered as soon as possible after receiving their blank card from the membership agent. They do not receive broadcasts and cannot vote or run for union office until they become members.

If you believe that you cannot have a card signed within a few days of receiving it, notify the members` agent. 3. Mention that employees must have a union representative present at all preparatory meetings held during their three-month probationary period (Article 10.02) and that they may have a steward present at each meeting convened by management to discuss assigned responsibilities in the workplace (Article 7.07). Having a steward present does not make him a “troublemaker”, the contract requires it. Focus on YUSA accessibility for every member at all times. 2. Inform the new employee of the benefits of union membership: With each external hire, the YUSA office receives a summary of the job offer, detailing the position, department and building, the name of the successful candidate and the expected start date. .